One-year training with Malcolm Manning

Beginning 2022 in Vienna

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Changing Paradigms for Changing Times

What I aim to share through this training is the material, methodology and process of inquiry that has driven my work over the years, but first I offer you a confession.

It’s simply that I now believe that what I was teaching you about anatomy was mostly wrong. Since I often subverted what I was presenting as the orthodox point of view, this will come as no big surprise.

The good news is that I’ve found a new model that fits my lived experience much more closely, that of biotensegrity supplemented by embryology. And it’s working for others too. I'm now reframing everything I am teaching within these models. This is what I'm calling The Anatomy of Forming.

Interestingly it’s coming from out of the medical profession of which I’ve been so understandably suspicious, given my life experience which I’ve shared with many of you.

So while I find myself at a new beginning, the invitation is to come join me on this journey that I’ve embarked on in the form of the ongoing training that many of you have been asking for for years.

More soon….

Dates and Place

Neubaugasse 31
Stiege 2 im Hof
1070 Wien

Fridays 14-17.00
Saturdays 10-17.00
Sundays 10-14.00

3-5th September
1-3rd October
5-7th November
3-5th December

2022 COURSE DATES (to be confirmed)
7-9th January
4-6th February
4-6th March
25-27th March
22-24th April
27-29th May
plus a further four weekends

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